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from Josh Rickard

Install Docker and Run Containers on Windows

2018-08-07 Josh Rickard
Docker is an operating-system level virtualization technology that allows you to isolate applications in so-called containers without the overhead of conventional virtual machines. In this post, you’ll learn how to install Docker on Windows and run your first containers. Docker allows developers building a specific functionality (and all of its dependencies) into a small reproducible environment. This has evolved over time by enabling the ability to create small microservices that do one thing and do it well. Continue reading

Powershell Ise Snippets

2018-08-07 Josh Rickard

Whether you are a pro with PowerShell or a beginner, PowerShell ISE snippets can speed up your scripting and assist when you are unsure of formatting.

Most IT professionals who work with PowerShell to build tools, scripts, or modules use the built-in PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) to build and debug their code.

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Manage User Rights With Group Policy

2018-08-07 Josh Rickard
Group Policy is nothing but flexible and extremely powerful when it comes to both configuration management and installation of software. In addition, Group Policy is one of your best tools for securing your endpoints. You can manage anything and everything from Firewall rules, account privileges, application white-listing, etc. You can also manage user rights as well. Computers and Users in your environment have a lot of rights, by default, that they don’t need. Continue reading

Cattle vs Unicorns

2018-08-07 Josh Rickard
When organizations begin to think of users as cattle instead of unicorns we begin to remove their pride for, and their responsibility to, an organization. When responsibility for their actions are only out of necessity or self-preservation then you have lost the battle, but not necessarily the war. You can change people’s mindset but it just may take a little more effort. I believe that people are the answer to most security problems. Continue reading

Understanding Group Policy Order

2018-08-07 Josh Rickard
Group Policy order can be confusing. To understand how exactly Windows applies one GPO (Group Policy Object) versus another, you can use the “LSD OU” rule. You should always ask yourself two questions when dealing with Group Policy: Where are you (local, site, domain, or organizational unit)? What are you (computer or user)? Read More
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