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Python vs Powershell Part 1: Versioning

2018-09-04 python powershell Josh Rickard
I posted a tweet earlier this week asking if anyone would be interested in a small series of posts that explain the differences between Python and PowerShell. So, here we go! Python on macOS Python and PowerShell are quite a bit different from each other. Python has been around for several years and works on multiple operating systems. Additionally, Python is beloved by it’s extremely supportive open-source community; rightfully so! Continue reading

Using Amazon SNS With Powershell

2018-08-31 powershell Josh Rickard
Simple Notification Service (SNS) from Amazon Web Services (AWS) can work in conjunction with AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS), Lambda Functions, HTTP APIs/endpoints, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), and so on. As PowerShell continues to gain attraction with IT professionals around the globe, you can use SNS along with other services to create powerful applications to help your business win. Amazon SNS lets your application deliver notifications to additional services or applications, depending on your use case. Continue reading

How to Setup a Hugo Website on GitHub

2018-08-26 how-to Josh Rickard
I recently transitioned my blog over to GitHub Pages from WordPress. I was using the free version from WordPress.org and I wanted more granular control over the layout. Additionally, I wanted to automate my blog publishing and social media notifications; the free version of WordPress didn’t meet my needs. So I looked around and eventually fell in love with Hugo! This post outlines how to go about setting up a GitHub Pages website/blog using Hugo. Continue reading

Using Amazon Sqs With Powershell

2018-08-23 powershell Josh Rickard
Amazon SQS is a flexible queue service that has many uses cases, from scalable web applications and processing systems to inter-application communications. This is useful if you need to process lots of data at once or have threads or workers to do a specific action to a large pool of data. With the explosion of use cases for PowerShell and Docker in production systems, you can easily scale using queue systems like Amazon SQS. Continue reading

Traverse Local Certificate Store With Powershell

2018-08-21 powershell Josh Rickard
Windows Certificate Store is typically accessed using the MMC Snap-In, You can view both the Computer or User certificate stores using a traditional MMC console. Sometimes though, you may just want to programmatically access it using PowerShell. Luckily you can do this using a PSDrive that is created on your machine. As you can see there is a Cert drive and you can access it using PowerShell’s multiple location based Cmdlets. Continue reading

Powershell Console, Scripts, Functions, Modules, Cmdlets, Oh My!

2018-08-19 powershell Josh Rickard
PowerShell is unique, but it is also necessary in today’s world. I find that newcomers to the language are sometimes confused or don’t understand the basic layers of PowerShell scripting. You can use PowerShell in different ways, but I have yet to find an all encompassing article that explains the high-level of how to interact with PowerShell in these different ways. This post will explain the different concepts (or layers) of PowerShell code organization and their main advantages and use cases. Continue reading

Using Github to Revive Blog Posts

2018-08-14 automation powershell Josh Rickard
I am currently migrating my blog content from Wordpress.com to GitHub pages using Hugo. During this transition, I wanted to have the ability to “revive” my blog posts on a scheduled basis on social media (e.g. Twitter). With Wordpress, you can use the WordPress Revive Old Posts plugin but with WordPress.com you have to have a premium business account to use plugins. If you’re in a similar situation of if you want a free way to automate the “re-posting” of your blog content then you’re in luck! Continue reading
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