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from Josh Rickard

You Dont Have Windows 7 in Your Environment Do You

2020-01-14 swimlane Josh Rickard
Today is the day. Microsoft Windows 7 is officially end-of-life (EOL). The Windows 7 operating system was released on October 22, 2009. For 10 years now, IT and system administrators around the globe have relied on their trusty old Windows 7 OS. I mean, it was a step beyond Windows XP for sure. With EOL here, have you migrated all of your systems to Windows 10? If you have not migrated, you definitely should. Continue reading

Investigate Alerts in Microsoft Azure Using SOAR

2019-12-18 swimlane Josh Rickard
Alerts or detections come in many forms—some are good and some are not—and security operations center (SOC) analysts are responsible for the initial investigation into these anomalies. What’s more, when it comes to cloud-based resources, we may not have the luxury of logging everything that happens on a host operating system. Microsoft Azure helps provide quite a bit of data to assist with the initial investigation, as well as some initial response actions. Continue reading

Swimlane and Cylance PROTECT: Endpoint Threat Response

2019-10-18 swimlane Josh Rickard
Swimlane and Blackberry Cylance have partnered to offer a new use case that combines the power of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) with Cylance PROTECT’s integrated threat prevention solution. The Proactive Endpoint Threat Response use case utilizes our integration to take a proactive response to detections identified by Cylance PROTECT. By ingesting detections from Cylance PROTECT, Swimlane can automate and orchestrate the enrichment of detections using multiple open source intelligence (OSINT) platforms to identify malicious files proactively that are similar or related to a specific variant identified by Cylance. Continue reading
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