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Understanding Python - Part 2: Running Code

2022-07-14 python Josh Rickard
Introduction Whether you are new to Python or not, ensuring you understand the basics will help you along the way to becoming a Python expert. Please see the first post titled Python vs Powershell Part 1: Versioning. This first post was written in 2018 but still applies. The remaining blog posts are a continuation of this series. Lets get started! Installation You may have Python already installed. To check, open your terminal and type: Continue reading

Python vs Powershell Part 1: Versioning

I posted a tweet earlier this week asking if anyone would be interested in a small series of posts that explain the differences between Python and PowerShell. So, here we go! Python on macOS Python and PowerShell are quite a bit different from each other. Python has been around for several years and works on multiple operating systems. Additionally, Python is beloved by it’s extremely supportive open-source community; rightfully so! Python is fast and portable, and is a go to for most developers. Continue reading