Lets Automate It

from Josh Rickard

Automating Attck Testing With Soar and Atomic Red Team

2020-07-24 swimlane Josh Rickard

MITRE ATT&CK is the defacto framework for organizations to measure their defense posture. ATT&CK provides categorical verticals in the form of tactics, which align to the common methodologies attackers use. Within these verticals are a set (and subsets) of common ways in which attackers accomplish a tactic (vertical). These are known as techniques.

Some techniques may be common across multiple operating systems. This usually equates to a broad definition of a technique. As defenders, this means we must understand how a single technique may be implemented on multiple platforms—which can be difficult for many, including myself. Luckily, organizations like Red Canary have provided our community with a rich framework to assist with the testing of these techniques.

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