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from Josh Rickard

Hey InfoSec, What Are You Doing to Protect Your DevOps Teams

2019-06-14 swimlane Josh Rickard

DevOps, serverless applications and containers are just a few of the latest advancements in a developer’s toolbox. For development teams, this means that the time to market (TTM) is faster—especially for Agile teams. So, how and what are security operations teams doing to ensure that security is keeping pace with this rapid development? Most are attempting to incorporate a security engineer within their development teams—which is a great first step—but there are multiple layers that you need to ensure you are protecting your organization beyond your source-code.

DevOps or DevSecOps is a great step forward, but the adoption (and implementation) of DevOps is still difficult for many organizations. Even if an organization has implemented DevSecOps, there are still major concerns that every security team needs to be aware of.

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