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from Josh Rickard

Identify Malicious Domains Using Soar

2020-03-25 swimlane Josh Rickard

Domain Squatting, typosquatting and IDN homograph attacks are commonplace when it comes to phishing and other forms of social engineering. Attackers use domain squatting and typosquatting of domains to trick users into providing their credentials, distribute malware, harm an organization’s reputation, or otherwise maliciously impersonate a legitimate domain. We’ve discussed this topic before and have developed a unique use case with Swimlane to detect this malicious activity automatically.

Recently, we began to monitor domains related to coronavirus (COVID-19), knowing there would be an increase in traffic to research the outbreak, which could be exploited by bad actors. Even though not all of these domains are necessarily malicious or focused on spoofing (or typosquatting) techniques, we decided to use this use case to identify any registered domains related to “corona” and “covid.” Over the last 2 weeks, we have seen 5054 corona-related domains being registered.

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