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from Josh Rickard

Mdt 2012 Deployment Guide Step by Step 11 of 11

2018-08-07 Josh Rickard

Preparing WDS to enable PXE Boot (optional but very useful)

  1. Minimize the Deployment Workbench application
  2. Open “Windows Deployment Services” from Start/Admin Tools
  3. Expand Servers / CONFIG-DEPLOY.config.local and right-click on Boot Images and select Add Boot Image. If the boot image already exists, right click on it and select Replace Boot Image to replace it with a newer version


  1. Browse to the Deployment Share location (e.g. E:\DeploymentShares\Customername) and open the Boot folder
  2. Select the LiteTouchPE_x86.wim file and click Open


  1. Click Next
  1. Enter an Image Name and Description


  1. Click Next until the wizard completes.  Adding the image may take a couple of minutes.


  1. Once completed, the image will be listed as shown below