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from Josh Rickard

Connect Your Bot to Slack

2018-08-10 azure slack Josh Rickard
In my previous two posts we created a knowledge base of questions and answers using QnAMaker and we created our Web App Bot in the Azure Portal. Now that we have a bot created and it is responding as we intended, we can interact with our bot directly through our web browser (or embed it into a website) or we can integrate into our Slack workspace. Please make sure you have a Slack workspace created and you have access to create a Slack application. Continue reading

Create a Question and Answer Chatbot for Slack in Azure

2018-08-10 azure Josh Rickard
Chatbots are all the rage right now, and they have proven to be extremely useful for organizations around the globe. You can have simple bots that take lunch orders or tell you the weather in your location. You can also bots tht act as part of an advanced distributed security alerting system. Whatever the reason, bots are not going anywhere anytime soon. To create our chatbot we are going to use a few different services. Continue reading